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Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

Green Printing is the mindset of producing high quality garments while at the same time keeping the envronment in mind. We are always striving to incorporate eco-friendly practices without sacrificing quality of prints. We use eco-friendly water based inks to accomlish this.

Water based inks are made of natural substances, like...water. Used correctly, they’re a safer, more environmentally-friendly option. Water based inks don’t have any plastic in them, which means that no petroleum or fossil fuels went into their creation. And, because they’re water-soluble, no chemicals are required for cleanup — keeping potentially harmful substances out of the water supply. In an industry with a reputation for harsh chemicals and toxic waste, we can feel good about printing with water based inks.

With today’s technologies, there’s no reason they should ever have to experience the bulletproof feel of a solid underbase print with the design stacked on top. When it comes to the touch-test, plastisol’s got nothing on water based ink.

Water based prints don’t just feel better, in many ways, they are better. Because water based inks are thinner and sit deeper within the garment’s fabric, you can actually print in higher detail, with finer registration and on more delicate garments than thicker inks like plastisol.

Major companies are seeing the difference and have moved away from plastisol inks. So who is using water based inks full time? Nike and Adidas to name a few!

Companies we work with:

The Humboldt Cure
Nectar Stick
Forbidden Foliage
Honeycomb Labs
Royal Roots Clothing
Hill Life Clothing

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